All About Us...

The farm on Somers Road is one of the oldest houses in town, built in 1819. The original part of the house had a cheese room and beehive oven. It was a dairy farm for many years. My family bought the house in 1970. We lived where the Big Lots plaza presently resides and had a large orchard there in Springfield. When we moved to 'the farm,' we moved most of our fruit trees also.

My father, Wallace, had a love for growing plants and trees, and he continued to add to the orchard every year. He planted many different varieties since he was treating it as a hobby. He started a roadside stand when we were producing too many apples to eat or give away to friends. He then expanded to a makeshift tent on the side of the driveway. After nurturing 20 trees, he moved the fruit stand to the big barn, making it more efficient. I helped my dad over the years and picked apples all the time. My dad passed away at the ripe old age of 88, still driving the tractor the week that he left this earth.

I decided to move to the farm and keep the orchard producing fruit instead of becoming another development in town. In 2012, I did a project with UMass and the State of Massachusetts to plant high density apple trees that are planted very close together and rely on a wire for stability. There are now 1000 trees where there once was 70. It was hard to see the trees of my youth ripped up but the new technique produces better fruit and more yield per acre. We have since done a phase 2 and 3 to replace more of the older, larger trees. We presently have more than 1500 trees. I attended Johnson and Wales culinary school for college and worked as a chef for years. I also had a restaurant for 5 years in Springfield. It seemed like a good fit to open a bakery at the farm, and we did so in 2010. It has been a lot of work but soooo much fun meeting all of our awesome customers .

In 2015 we started the ice cream stand using local farm-fresh ice cream and high-quality soft serve ice cream. Our goal is to keep the farm viable and produce the best products and fruit for our customers. Thank you for supporting our family farm!